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Oil Absorbent Boom in Lake

Need Oil Absorbent Boom for Lake Oil Spill

oil absorbent boom in lakeNeed oil absorbent boom in lake. I need them in 5" diameter, 20 feet long. It should be able to float even when saturated. And could you give me a description? I want it in case of a spill in Lake Arrowhead, California.

Hello! Thanks for your inquiry. I would be happy to assist you and tell you a little more about our absorbent boom.

It is made for spill cleanup to skim or absorb oil and liquid applications. Available in a five inch and 8 inch version, this boom comes in 10 foot sections. Our absorbent booms are floating even when they are saturated water/oil

Technical Specifications:

  • Discharge or spill type: Petroleum products
  • How its deployed: From barges, boats, trailers, docks, etc.
  • Compatibility: Marine grade universal snap hook and rink quick connectors.
  • Personnel required: One or two depending on length
  • Type of connector: Snap hook and ring
  • How its moored: Any available means

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Oil Boom Applications

The oil absorbent boom in lake may be used in several different areas to help contain spills and other materials. Some typical areas where you might see these booms being used have included the following:

  • Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Industrial Locations
  • Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Working Locations

When compared to a standard containment boom, the absorbent material offers the dual-action ability to both contain and absorb spills. This helps to keep oil and other liquids even further contained during a spill, as liquids will be absorbed to prevent spreading.

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