Non Woven Fabric Geotextile | Filter, Separate, Drain, and Stabilize Soil

Non Woven Fabric Geotextile

Nonwoven Geotextile Overview

The Non Woven Fabric Geotextile is used in a variety of civil and environmental applications to separate aggregates, filter materials and provide a reliable foundation under specific areas. Engineered to offer high levels of permeability, these geotextiles are an ideal solution for separation, drainage, sediment control, cushioning and various other construction and road repair applications.

6 oz. geotextile filter fabric

Drainage and Filtration:

geotextile liner, geotextile filter fabric

Separation and Underlayment:

Asphalt Overlay:

12 oz. nonwoven geotextile

Environmental Applications:

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Nonwoven Geotextile Applications

While the non woven fabric can be used in almost any stabilization, separation or cushioning application, they are most commonly used in areas that also require filtration. The non woven design of the material provides a higher rate of flow through, making it easier for water to pass through the material. Nonwoven Geotextiles are typically classified in the following categories:

Light Weight Geotextiles Medium Weight Geotextiles Heavy Weight
Uses: Drainage, Landscaping, Filter Fabrics, Asphalt Overlay Uses: Erosion Control, Stabilization, Drainage, Aggregate Separation Uses: Geomembrane Cushioning, Road Stabilization

Common Applications

installing geotextilesAsphalt Overlay: When constant cracking in asphalt becomes a problem, geotextiles can be used to help provide an extra layer of support. Placing these geotextiles down before the asphalt can help prevent further cracking and allows the roads to have further flexibility during their use.

Drainage: One of the most common applications for this non woven fabric is for use in filtration around french drains and subsurface drains. These fabrics create a flow through the material that helps filter out silt while still allowing water to flow through the fabric. Uses include:

  • French Drains
  • Subsurface Drains
  • Under Drains

Aggregate Separation:
For areas where stabilization is required, non woven fabric geotextiles play an important role of allowing water to pass through the material. This provides a stable layer of material that will not weaken due to water.

What Makes Our Product So Reliable?

non woven fabricNonwoven Geotextiles are made from a blend of materials designed to offer high resistance to many of the challenges it will face during outdoor use.

Nonwoven Geotextile Advantages:

  • 100% Propylene Staple Fibers
  • Needle-Punched
  • Random Network Formation
  • UV Resistant
  • Rot Resistant
  • Biological Degradation Resistant
  • Stable Within 2-13 pH

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Master the Specifics of Geotextiles:

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