Medical Waste Incinerator for Health Ministry

Question: I am looking for a medical waste incinerator for health ministry waste disposal. Do you have something that I could use for this purpose?medical waste incinerator


Greetings to you in Haiti! This is definitely something we can help you with. Our incinerator for medical waste is designed for ease of use and requires only fuel and electricity for operation. Once your materials have been safely inserted into the unit, simply close the doors and allow the incineration process to occur. No special training or personnell are required!

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This incinerator medical waste model is a great way to safely dispose of infectious or pathological materials. The requirements needed to safely operate this medical waste incinerator include an electrical requirement of 120 VAC, 25 amp and 25 gallons of diesel or #2 fuel oil. This will allow you to incinerate a significant amount of materials in a single load.

Depending on what exactly you are trying to dispose of, different incineration options may work better for your location than others. Additional incineration products you might consider include:

  1. solid waste incineratorDrug Disposal Incinerator: If you are, instead, only looking to incinerate materials such as explicit drugs, the drug disposal incinerator may be a better option. This unit safely incinerates illicit drugs, sterilizes non-combustible drug paraphernalia, and the material is reduced significantly from its initial volume. This is frequently used by local law enforcement for disposing of drugs when other disposal options are limited.

  2. Solid Waste Incinerators: If you are disposing of materials that exceed a quantity of 330 pounds per day, another option you could consider is one of our solid waste incinerators. These units have the ability to dispose of large quantities of material in a single incineration unit. Incinerators are made in different models to accommodate anywhere from 50 to 600 pounds per load.

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