Storage Tank For Swimming Pool Water

Unfortunately, we do not offer a cost effective way for homeowners to temporarily store pool water. We have a large variety of water storage tanks for sale, and can certainly offer water storage tanks that you can use for swimming pool water storage, but we recommend these options for pool professionals who are planning on reusing the tank (or using it for a long period of time) and are able to accomodate a large footprint (area of space for the tank).

Customer Question: Do you have a 100000 gal storage tank for swimming pool water available? We are looking for a solution to repair a 100000 gal swimming pool and need to store water temporarily. Is that possible? We would like to store the water, repair the pool and then refill. Storage would probably 2 weeks. We would hopefully only need to do this once.

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! Unfortunately, we do not offer an economical solution for pool water storage. GEI Works manufactures a wide range of water storage solutions for temporary and long term drinking water, gray water, and waste water storage suitable. However we are not able to supply a cost effective solution for short term or one time use pool water storage.

GEI Works Liquid Storage Tank Options

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Pillow Tanks
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If you need help selecting the best liquid storage tank for your project, please see our Water Storage Tanks Selection Guide.