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GEI Works, formerly Granite Environmental, is a USA manufacturer and provider that specializes in erosion and pollution prevention product solutions such as silt and turbidity curtains, construction and stormwater BMPs, dewatering products, secondary containment, collapsible water tanks and erosion control materials. Serving industries and facilities around the world, our goal is provide you with economical products that address containment, pollution prevention and erosion control requirements. Please feel free to call us any time at +1-772-646-0597 to discuss your needs, and we will help you find a solution that fits your specific requirements, or send a message.

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Erosion Control Products

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Stormwater Management

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Turbidity Curtains

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Trash & Debris Booms

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Secondary Containment

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Collapsible Water Tanks

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GEI Works, Inc. (formerly Granite Environmental, Inc.) is customer focused, providing innovative solutions that can help meet your needs. Our products include erosion pollution materials, secondary spill containment, turbidity and silt curtains, oil spill absorbents, stormwater BMPs, erosion control materials, collapsible and flexible water tanks, sediment filter bags, dewatering bags, and geotextiles.

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Stormwater Project Cycle

GEI Works, Inc. is designed as a complete solution source and is equipped to help customers through the stages of the Stormwater Project Cycle©.

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GEI Works (Granite Environmental, Inc.)

Through our partnerships globally and across multiple industries, we work to service customers wherever their business my take them. Whether you need to protect banks, drains, construction sites, work stations or facilities, we have products that can meet your needs.

Have questions? Not sure which erosion pollution product is best for you? Give us a call! +1-772-646-0597 . During our business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM EST) our dedicated staff is standing by to answer questions by phone, email or fax. We look forward to assisting you with your project needs.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or submit a form.

Erosion Pollution Product Solutions for a Cleaner World

Floating Booms and Barriers

Turbidity Barriers
Turbidity Barriers and Silt Curtains are frequently used around construction sites, dredging areas and shorelines to provide effective containment of silt and turbidity in your location.

Type 1 Silt Barrier
The Type 1 Silt Barrier is a contractor favorite for in-water silt control on job sites, DOT projects and road side work with calm water areas.

Type II Silt Barrier
Type II Silt Barriers are medium duty curtains designed to help with silt and turbidity control along rivers, lakes, dredging sites, barges and other moving water areas.

Type III Silt Barrier
The Type III Silt Barrier is the highest strength option for silt containment and control. Made with our strongest components, these turbidity curtains work to control the spread of stilt in demanding flow areas.

Trash and Debris Boom
The floating trash and debris boom is designed to be used in residential, commercial and industrial locations to contain and redirect debris such as aquatic plants, trash, debris, leaves, seaweed, cranberries and more.
Water Baffle
Water baffles control the flow of water in settling basins or lagoons, improves BOD, and reduces TSS in process ponds.

Erosion Control

Soil Erosion Control Products
Soil Erosion Pollution Control can be essential to any job site, road or erosion-prone area. Find the perfect geotextile, coir mat or straw blankets for your site today.
Coir Erosion Control Products
Coir Erosion Control Products offer the long-term stabilization necessary for vegetative growth and slope stabilization. Choose between our logs, mats, blocks and wattles.

Geotextile Fabric Application
Geotextile fabrics are ideal for roads, rip rap, drainage and other demanding filtration requirements. Options include nonwoven filter geotextiles and high strength woven geotextiles.

Liquid Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks for Sale
Our storage tanks for sale are available as portable collapsible water bladders, fuel blivets, firefighter self supporting tanks, steel tanks, water trailers for long and short term needs.

Collapsible Water Tanks
Collapsible Water Tanks for ideal for temporary storage of drinking water, rain water, gray water storage, and fuel storage. FDA and NSF 61 approved tanks available.

Fiberglass Storage Tanks
Fiberglass Storage Tanks are a great way to store drinking water, rainwater, chemicals and more. Above ground and underground models available.

Steel Storage Tanks
Our Steel Storage Tank variety provides above ground and underground steel tanks for chemical, fuel, and water storage from long term corrugated steel tanks to mobile tank trailers.

Plastic Water Storage Tanks
Check out these plastic water storage tanks for storage and transportation of water, chemicals and other demanding liquids. Often used as spray tanks, potable water tanks, and more.

Construction Site BMPs and Compliance Products

Stormwater Best Management Practices
Best Management Practices, also known as BMPs, are designed to help keep your site in compliance with EPA and NPDES regulations. Available products include drain guards, drain covers, inlet protection and more.

Construction BMP
Construction BMPs including drain guards, drain seals, drain covers, dewatering bags and socks, inlet filters and more are available to filter stormwater.

Stormwater Solutions
These stormwater solutions are designed to help you prevent stormwater pollution that might occur from various parts of your site to filter stormwater runoff and help you stay in compliance.

Oil Spill Cleanup Equipment

Oil Spill Containment and Cleanup
Oil spill containment products include containment booms, boom reels, and absorbents to help with all your hazmat and oil cleanup requirements.

Oil Booms
Oil containment booms are a fast and effective way to keep fuel and oil spills contained on land and in any water condition from calm to open water.

Oil Spill Cleanup
This Oil Spill Cleanup Equipment is designed to help you cleanup your spill fast. Booms and absorbents are our most effective oil clean up products.

Secondary Spill Containment

Secondary Spill Containment
Secondary Spill Containment berms, tanks, basins, pallets, and decontamination pools for all your containment needs. Contain your products before a spill ever occurs on site!

Spill Containment Products
Our spill containment products are manufactured to provide you with more control over your materials, preventing spills or leaks.

Containment Liner and Covers
Containment liner and covers include geomembrane liners, tarpaulins, covers, and several other containment products.

Pond Liners
Pond Liners are an economical way to support the structure and integrity of your pond. Flat panel liners are sized to the specifications of your pond and feature multiple fish grade materials.

Waste Management and Disposal

Commercial Incinerators
Commercial incinerators are designed for the disposal of solid waste, trash, drugs, and more. Portable and containerized incinerators available.

Solid Waste Incinerator
The solid waste incinerator and combustion systems, provides a safe and effective solution for solid waste disposal in environmentally sensitive and remote locations.

Small Scale Incinerators
Small scale incinerators, also referred to as barrel burners, are designed for drug and evidence disposal from police stations. These units are easy & economical.

Erosion Pollution Resources
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