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Question: I am looking for a turbidity barrier for a new boat launch. We will be demolishing the old boat launch and building a new one. The site is a lake that is normally fairly calm, however wave heights up to 3 feet could occur. What do you recommend for this lake?

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Answer: Thanks for contacting GEI Works! Choosing the right turbidity barrier depends upon the water conditions in which it will be installed. As you are installing a turbidity curtain in a lake with possible 3 foot waves, we recommend using a floating Type II Silt Barrier.

The Type II turbidity barrier is the medium-level curtain for turbidity and silt control. These barriers are designed for moving water conditions with a moderate current or wave. Our Type 2 Turbidity Barriers in stock are in 100' and 50' long sections x 5' wide. However, we can manufacture other sizes and lengths to fit your specific location and requirements. All Triton Turbidity Curtains are made in the USA.

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Triton Silt Barrier Options

Triton Type 2 Curtains are available in Contractor (pdf), DOT(pdf), Heavy Duty (pdf), and HD Permeable (pdf)models. This barrier is ideal for in-water control of silt and turbidity around dredging activities, pile driving rip-rap installation, demolition work, etc.The construction of boat ramps often displaces a significant amount of sediment, making a turbidity curtains an essential addition to the project. To ensure the best performance of your turbidity barrier for the new boat launch, you must ensure multiple anchors are used. Without the proper anchoring, your turbidity barrier will fail. Let us help you to ensure sucess. Call us at +1-772-646-0597, or you can contact us.

GEI Works, Inc. is dedicated to developing innovative turbidity curtain solutions that provide superior performance and achieve the desired results for our customers. We work closely with our clients to design a deployment layout taking into consideration water conditions, project progress, budget and water quality goals. boat launch turbidity curtain

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