Incinerator for Medical Waste Specifications

Request a Price QuoteThe Incinerator for Medical Waste is a dual chamber system ideal for the disposal of medical waste including by product from any of the following facilities:

  • Hospitals
  • Small Clinics
  • Physician Offices
  • Health Agencies and Organizations
  • Disaster Relief Operations

Medical Waste Incinerators operate in a dual combustion system design. To operate, materials are first placed within the primary chamber. Here materials are incinerated for the first time. Gases from this chamber will them expand up into the second chamber where they are incinerated for a second time before exiting the system through the exhaust stack. This creates a complete safe and reliable system for incinerating medical waste materials.

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Technical Specifications

Below you will find technical specifications for the construction and safe incineration of medical waste. Please do not hesitate to contact our team with any additional information or requirements for your unit. While the measurements below feature standard numbers for a 0.3 unit, several other sizes can be made in order to accommodate larger loads or incineration requirements.

Primary Chamber: 13.5 cu.ft.
Secondary Chamber: 13.5 cu. ft (std.)
Diameter of Stack:

12" OD (30 cm)

Capacity: Up to 330 lbs. (150 kg) per day

Primary Chamber Specifications
Type: Fixed Hearth with Controlled Over & Under-Fire Air Injection
Chamber Volume: 13.5 cu. ft.
Hearth Area: 5 sq. ft.
Burners Capacity: .25 MMBtu/hr. nom

Secondary Chamber Specifications
Type: Cyclonic Thermal Oxidizer with 1+ sec. r/t
Chamber Volume: 13.5 cu. ft.
Burners Capacity: .25 MMBtu/hr. nom

Incinerator Medical Waste Requirements
Electrical: 120 VAC, 25 amp
Fuel: Diesel or #2 Fuel Oil
Location: Level surface 7 feet (2 m)
from nearest structure

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For more information on this incinerator, including common uses, capabilities, and design, please view our Incinerator for Medical Waste Product Page or give our team a call at +1-772-646-0597.