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Incinerator System for Pathological Waste

Helios Waste Incinerator System Pathological Crematory System

incinerator system for pathological waste The Helios A 165 Pathological Waste Incinerator (previously known as Vulcan A 165) features a hot hearth, multi-chambered designed to efficiently and economically dispose of pathological waste. Built from robust and reliable materials, these units are a frequent choice for use in crematories and funeral homes.

In order to provide effective disposal of these materials, each incinerator provides a hot hearth design and mazed secondary combustion chamber that provides advanced turbulent thermal oxidation of combustion gases with a two second retention capacity.

Crematory Incinerator Technical Specifications

Pathological Waste Incinerator Flyer (pdf)
System Capacity*:

165 lb/hr.
(for type IV pathological remains)

Batch Capacity:
Approx. 5 yd3 (3.82 m3) per batch cycle
Intermittent Feed:
4 yd3/hr (3 m3//hr) up to 8 hrs/day
Electrical Requirements:
230/460 V, 3phase, 60 Hz, 50/40 amp, single point connection
Required Fuel:
1.5 MMBtu/hr @ 16" w.c. @ 1.5" header
Overall Dimensions:

14'-0" L x 5'-1" W x 8'-2" H

Approx. Weight:
25,000 lbs

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Primary Chamber Secondary Chamber

Chamber Volume

62.4 cu. ft 65.6 cu. ft. (provides 2 sec. retention)
Hearth Area 25.8 sq. ft.
Burner Capacity 500,000 Btu/hr.
(hi/lo/off modulated control)
1,500,000 Btu/hr.
(fully modulated control)

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Combustion Air Specifications
Combustion Air Fan:
1350 scfm 5 hp, 230/460 V, 3phase, std.
Hydraulic Door Power Unit:
2 hp, 115/230 V, 60 Hz, 3450 rpm, 5 gpm, 450 psi, 3 gal res.


Exhaust Breaching Specifications
Shell Construction:
3 x 3 x 1/4" sq. tube frame structure (A501) 3/8" end plates & 1/4" plate casing (A36)12 gage (A366) insulated, removable side panels
6"-11", 3000° F dense cast refractory
Side Walls:
4.5 x 2.5 x 9 2700° fire brick
2" 1900°F & 1/4" 550K insulation backing
24" od x 20" id x 48" L sections
(14'-6" rise above grade w/std. 2 sections)
Shell Lining:
10 ga. CS shell with 2" 2400o refractory lining
Draft Control:
Integral draft induction w/temp. reduction to 950°F

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Pathological Waste Incineration System Controls

incinerator system for pathological wasteTypical system controls on the unit include the Siemens S-7 series PLC with Touch-screen operator interface. Standard system features include:

  • Temperature Control for the Primary & Secondary Chamber
  • Temperature Actuated Fuel and Air Control
  • Burner Interface, Status and Reset Access**
  • System Status and Alarm Display
  • Hydraulic Systems Control
  • Optional: EPAT-OCS - Oxygen based air control for 15-25% better fuel efficiency

**Discrete UL, CSA, FM & IRI burner control w/U.V. flame supervision provided for each burner

Additional Incinerator Models

Looking to dispose of solid waste? In addition to this incinerator system for pathological waste, we also offer a series of incinerators designed specifically for the disposal of solid waste. These units feature a dual chambered design that includes both a primary and secondary chamber. The primary chamber receives the bulk of materials and is the first unit where solid waste is incinerated. From here, smoke from these units move into the secondary chamber for a second incineration process.

For these and other units, please check out our Solid Waste Incinerators.


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