Hot Water Tanks

hot water tanks Hot Water Tanks are ASME code certified for use in commercial and industrial applications where a constant supply of hot water is desired.Contact us @ +1-772-646-0597.

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Water can be heated and stored in the water holding tank during periods of low demand and will then be available for use when demand for hot water is higher, allowing for efficient use of energy while providing hot water when needed.



Built to ASME Code:
Compliant with American Society of Mechanical Engineers Standards
Standard Operating Pressure:
Standard Design Pressure:
100, 125, and 150psi
2" - 3" (5.08 cm - 7.62 cm) NPT
4" - 8" (10.16 cm - 20.32 cm)
12"x16" (30.48 cm x 40.64 cm) Elliptical
Gray Alkyed Shop Primer
High-Temperature Epoxy Phenolic Coating
NSF approved for potable water:
Meets National Sanitation Foundation Standards for Potable Water


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