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Geotextiles Woven 315 | Stabilization Fabric

High Strength Geotextile Membrane: 315 Woven Geotextiles

geotextiles woven The 315 Woven Geotextile is one of the highest strength stabilization fabrics available for ground support, drainage, stabilization or driveway underlayment. Known for its ability to provide support and aggregate separation, woven geotextile material fabrics are used under roads, rail roads, driveways, and other paved areas to provide a solid layer of support and stabilization. This prevents roads from failing, providing for longer life expectancies and decreased overall costs.

The 315 woven geotextile membrane is available in a standard roll size of either 12.5' x 360' or 17.5' x 258'. Rolls can be purchased individually, by the pallet, or in truckload quantities.

315 lbs. Grab Tensile Geotextiles Woven
Technical Specifications

Test Method
Minimum Average Roll Value (M.A.R.V.)
Weight (typical)
ASTM D5261
6 oz/yd²
(203 g/m²)
Grab Tensile
ASTM D4632
315 lbs (1.40 kN)
Grab Elongation
ASTM D4632
15 %
Trapezoid Tear Strength
ASTM D4533
100 lbs (0.444 kN)
CBR Puncture Resistance
ASTM D6241
120 lbs (.533 kN)
ASTM D4491
0.5 sec-1
Water Flow*
ASTM D4491
4 gpm/ft² (163 l/min/m²)
ASTM D4751
40 U.S. Sieve
(.425 mm)
UV Resistance
ASTM D4355
70 %/500 hrs

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*Our geotextile membrane products meet or exceed these specifications.

Product: 315 lbs. Geotextiles Woven
Flyer: Woven Geotextile Flyer
Spec Sheet: Spec Sheet
Install: Installation Flyer
Roll Dimensions: 12.5' x 360'
17.5' x 258'

When Do I use 315 Woven Geotextile Fabric? Woven Geotextile Applications:

Woven Geotextile Fabric is known for its high overall tensile strength and structural support. Typically stronger than its nonwoven counterparts, these stabilization fabrics can offer the support necessary for pavement, roads and even rip rap.

Geotextile Membrane Typical Uses:

  • Road Construction
  • Railroad Building
  • Road Repair
  • Sports Field Construction
  • Sports Field Repair
  • Erosion Control
  • Erosion Prevention
  • Soil Restoration
  • Road Underlayment

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Additional Geotextile Material Options

In addition to the woven polypropylene fabric model featured here, we also offer several nonwoven geotextiles that are designed specifically for filtration and drainage requirements, including use with drains, culverts, pipes, and swales.

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