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How to Install Geotextiles

geotextile installation, how to install geotextiles

How Do I Install Geotextiles?

Geotextile installation can be easy for wovens or non wovens when you have the proper tools and follow our simple instructions. While it is possible to use heat seaming for installation, the more common approach is through sewing.

Step One: Take the two pieces of geosynthetic fabric, hold the edges together to make a prayer, "J", or butterfly seam.

Step Two: Guide the fabric into the machine. (The machine will continue to feed the fabric on its own.) Note: Do not pull on the machine. Pulling will cause the needle to bend.

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Geotextile Installation Tips!

  • Use three (3) people. Person One holds and supports the weight of the geotextile while aligning the two edges. Person Two holds and guides the sewing machine. Person Three supports the fabric after it has been sewed and checks the stitching.
  • Have two (2) sewing machines at the job site.
  • Use the toe of ladies' nylons to cover the thread cones, preventing the thread from wind.

    What Do I Need to Install Geotextiles?

    To install on site, you will need:

  • Handheld Sewing Machine that meets Federal Stitch Type 401 (Sample Models: Single Thread, Chain Stitch, Union Special, American Newlong)

    We recommend using an electric motor for standard use and an air-operated motor for hazardous conditions.

  • Thread (Depending on application, proper thread choice can be determined by supplier.)

Light Weight Fabric: 4 yards of thread for each yard sewn

Medium Weight Fabric: 6 yards of thread for each yard sewn

Heavy Weight Fabric: 9 yards of thread for each yard sewn

Thread Usage Formula (for each row of sewing):
4 + (2x(thickness of seam) x (1/length of 1 stitch)) = inches of thread use per inch sewn

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Questions? Our Granite Environmental sales team would be happy to support you.

Call (+1) 772-646-0597 to discuss your geotextile installation requirements or click on the chat button below for immediate response within our office hours (mon - fri, 8 am - 5 pm EST).

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