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fire fighting open top tankThe Centaur Frame Tank is a folding water tank commonly used by fire fighters and first responders. Featuring an open top for fast and easy filling, these portable water tanks (sometimes called QET or quick erect tanks) can be quickly set up, filled and easily torn down after use. Centaur folding frame tanks are easy to transport and be put to use in minutes, making these portable water tanks ideal for use as fire fighting and emergency water storage tanks. Watch below to see how frame tanks work! Questions? Call our specialists at +1-772-646-0597 or request a quote.

Centaur Folding Tanks: The Best of Both Worlds

Centaur water storage tanks offer the best of both worlds by providing a tank that is both rigid and flexible. The strong outer frame of this portable tank supports large volumes of liquid, while its hinged design and interior liner allows the frame tank to fold flat and fit into storage areas on fire trucks.

Folding frame tanks feature a sturdy outer frame and interior liner. All liners can be built from a wide range of fabrics, including FDA and NSF 61 approved materials for the safe storage of potable water. These collapsible tanks fold flat for storage, and are ready to use at any time. All Centaur folding water tanks are made in the USA with fierce attention to detail to build the best quick-erect tank on the market. Request a QuoteCentaur Frame Tank Product Flyer (PDF)

Centaur Frame Tank Applications:

  • Agriculture
  • Aquaponics
  • Construction
  • Emergency Water Storage
  • Fire Fighting
  • Fish Farming
  • HAZMAT Response
  • Military Storage
  • Oil Spill Cleanup
  • Potable Water Storage
  • Residential Water Storage
  • Water Treatment Stations
firefighting water tank

Centaur Foldable Water Tank Specifications

Gallons Deployed Size Single Folded Double Fold (optional)
500 5'8" x 5'8" x 29" 7" x 5'8" x 29" 16" x 2'11" x 20"
750 7' x 7' x 29" 7" x 7' x 29" 16" x 3'7" x 29"
1000 8'3" x 8'3" x 29" 7" x 8'3" x 29" 16" x 4'3" x 29"
1500 10'3" x 10'3" x 29" 7" x 10'3" x 29" 16" x 5'3" x 29"
2100 11'3" x 11'3" x 29" 7" x 11'3" x 29" 16" x 5'9" x 29"
2500 12'3" x 12'3" x 29" 7" x 12'3" x 29" 16" x 6'3" x 29"
3000 13'3" x 13'3" x 29" 7" x 13'3" x 29" 16" x 6'9" x 29"
3500 14'3" x 14'3" x 29" 7" x 14'3" x 29" 16" x 7'3" x 29"
4000 15'3" x 15'3" x 29" 7" x 15'3" x 29" 16" x 7'9" x 29"
5000 17'3" x 17'3" x 29" 7" x 17'3" x 29" 16" x 8'9" x 29"

PDF Resources
Frame Tank Product Flyer
Installation Instructions
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Frame Tank Features and Benefits


dump tank
  • Folded Design for Transportation
  • Fits in Fire Trucks and Vehicles
  • Reliable Interior Liner
  • Easy to Store
  • Unfolds in Minutes
  • Open Top for Easy Access

Folding Water Tank Construction

Each Centaur Open Top Tank features a folding frame (aluminum or steel) and a compatible liner. For initial installation, liners may need to be attached to the frame for quick shipment and storage. Each Centaur foldable water tank features a discharge valve to easily empty excess liquid. Handles can be added to the design on request.

Components:folding frame tank frame

  • Interior Liner
  • Frame (Aluminum or Steel)


  • Covers
  • Liners
  • Fittings (Camlock, Ball valves, Flange)
  • Larger Capacities or Specific Dimensions
  • Handles
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If you have questions about our fire fighting tank or other portable tanks, give us a call at +1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote.

Need additional site specific fittings for your folding water storage tank? Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team at +1-772-646-0597 or request a quote.

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