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Frac water storage tanks are required for the storage of frac fluids, brine or process water during oil field operations. These oil field storage tanks are designed to hold large quantities of water while fracking, industrial pumping,or during other commercial industry operations. As an economical lower cost alternative to the standard steel frack tank, GEI Woks also manufactures flexible frac tanks in sizes over 200,000 gallons for bulk liquid storage, while steel tanks can accomodate up to 600 bbl storage. All of our fracking tanks are strong, durable, and USA made. Questions? Call +1-772-646-0597

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Low Cost Frac Tank Options

flexible frac tankFlexible Frack Tanks- The collapsible tanks are a cost-effective alternative to the standard steel frac storage tanks and are high strength with high UV resistance. Made in sizes up to 210,000 gallons (equal to approx. 5000 BBL).

frac flow back tanksFrac Flow Back Tanks- Steel flow back tanks are a robust way to store injection or recovery fluids from a hydraulic fracturing operation. Available flow back frac water tank sizes from 100 to 280 BBL.

secondary containment bermFrac Containment Berms & Liners- These mats and liners are made with aluminum frame or air wall construction and are designed to fit under your fracking tank to provide a form of secondary containment in the event of a leak or spill.

frac pit linersFrac Pit Liners- These high quality pit liners are designed to line your frac pit or pond, providing a barrier between the stored water and the ground. These are very important when using fracking storage tanks.

steel frac tanksSteel Fracking Tanks- These industry standard frac water tanks are manufactured with smooth walls that provide you with a swift emptying and cleaning-out process.

absorbentsAbsorbent Booms and Socks- These flexible sorbents can be placed around fracking tanks to form an absorbing barrier that will contain water that has leaked or spilled from frac storage tanks.

water tank rentalPort-a-Pond Tank Rental- Our frac tank rentals are a cost effective short term liquid storage and containment solution with easy installation and major cost savings for oil field water storage. Request Pricing

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Choose Your Frack Water Storage Tank Style

frac pit linersWhile capacity can play a large roll in determining the right frac storage tank (sometimes spelled fraq tank, or frack tank) for your location, we also ask customers to consider additional factors including the the estimated storage duration, available space, and the conditions where the tank will be stored. Collapsible frack water tanks are naturally flexible in their design options and can made in custom sizes as required. Our fracking tanks for sale can also be used as brine water tanks or process water tanks.

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Flexible Frac Tank Advantages

As an alternative to the standard steel option, the flexible frac water storage tank is a low cost option for increased storage capacities in a single tank. While the standard steel model is typically equipped with either a 500 BBL or 600 BBL storage option, flexible fracking storage tanks can store up to 210,000 gallons (or around 5000 BBL)! For more information regarding each of these frack water tank units, please check out our Oil Field Tank Comparison Page.

Additional advantages to large flexible frac water storage tanks include the following:

  • High Heat Retention (Reduces Requirements for Tank Heaters)
  • Can be Folded or Rolled for Transportation
  • Several Tanks can be Shipped in the same Container
  • Lower Shipping Costs
  • Quick and Easy Transportation to New Locations

For more information, check out the Flexible Frac Storage Tank product page.


Secondary Containment for Fracking Sites

frac tank containmentWhether you decide to use a flexible or steel frac tank (sometimes spelled fraq tanks) on your site, having some form of secondary containment is often a must. One of the most economical options for frac secondary containment is the use of a foam or aluminum angle Spill Containment Berm.

These berms are high in strength, portable, flexible and fully equipped to handle frac tanks being driven on and off of the unit. Berms are available in several standard or custom sizes, as required for your site.

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