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Foam Wall Berm Special

10' x 50' Foam Wall Berms usa made

10' x 50' x 4" H Berms

foam wall berm The 10' x 50' foam wall berm is an portable, high strength containment option for vehicles, tanks, machinery, dumpsters and more. The special featured here includes 4" foam walls, high strength fabric and a large containment area.

10' x 50' x 4" H Spill Berm

Description: The foam wall berm is an economical spill control liner designed to help customers catch leaks and spills from moving vehicles and machinery. All berms are made from a robust liner fabric and 4" foam walls walls that line all four walls of the berm.

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Containment Berm Specifications

Dimensions 10' x 50' x 4" H
Fabric PVC
Sidewalls Foam
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foam wall containment berms

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