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Hello. I am looking for information on a floating trash debris boom. I require this trash boom for operating conditions of 1 knot current, 0.6 m waves, and 50 km/hr wind. I need to control debris in the area. What are my options?


For floating trash or debris in your location there are a couple of different floating booms you could consider. The standard would be our Floating Debris Boom. This boom is designed to manage flowing or floating trash in areas and helps to direct debris to shorelines or other locations where it might be easier to clean up.

One of the best advantages of these booms is their ability to be used in both long term and short term deployment requirements. This can help with a variety of debris containment needs that might occur in your location.

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This floating debris boom is designed for the containment of trash, small logs, and various other debris particles. It is typically built with several different features that allow it to safely contain and control the flow of these items.

Features include:

Boom Fabric: The fabric used for these barriers typically consists of a 22 oz. PVC. This is strong enough to handle or contain aquatic plants, trash and various other floating debris.

Foam Filled Flotation Collar: Similar to our debris booms, the trash boom is designed with a flotation device that is located at the top of the boom. This flotation allows the boom to float above the surface of the water to contain items on the surface. Flotations typically measure four, six, or eight inches (4", 6" or 8").

Galvanized Steel Ballast: The floating trash debris boom also commonly contains a galvanized steel ballast chain that helps to keep the skirt in place and contain debris under the surface.


In order to successfully contain debris in your area, booms are often installed just off the shore lines or along the entrance of your water area. Boom placement depends on where your debris is coming from or water areas you are looking to protect.

For instance, if your debris is mainly coming from the shore line, installing a boom just off the shore will help prevent debris from spreading to the rest of your lake area.Request a Quote

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