Floating Pond Cover

Floating Covers for Ponds


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Tired of fixing your floating pond cover? Does the wind keep blowing off the water? Are you constantly reattaching it, clearing it, and draining it?floating pond cover, floating cover, floating covers, floating pond covers

The Hexa-Cover® offers a patented system that makes your life easier! No longer will you spend hours maintain your pond covers. This floating cover system does the work for you!

What Can These Pond Covers Do?

Ideal for use in basins, lagoons, reservoirs, containers, ponds, tanks the Hexa-Cover® eliminates:

  • Evaporation
  • Organic / Algae Growth
  • Emission
  • Odor

What Makes This System So Easy to Use?

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Easy Installation:

Delivered in large bags, the covers are easily poured onto the liquid surface. The floating covers will distribute themselves and form a closed cover.
floating pond cover, floating cover, floating covers, floating pond covers

Easy Handling:

  • No Supervision Necessary
  • No Operating Costs
  • No Repair
  • No Worries!

Ideal for <strong>use in basins, lagoons, reservoirs, containers, ponds, tanks</strong>.Easy Access:

Access to the liquid is possible anywhere, whenever you need. The floating tiles can simply by pushed aside with equipment, like a pump, hose, or mixer. When you are finished, just remove the equipment and the floating covers will reorganize and close the openings or gaps.

What are the Benefits of This System?

  • Automatic Distribution on the Surface
  • Automatic Adaptation to Changes in Level
  • Fits to all Sizes; Can be Adjusted to Both Larger and Smaller Needs
  • Fits to all Geometries
  • No Special Equipment is Required for the Installation (apart from a small crane capable of lifting 300 kg)
  • No Repair Cost
  • No Maintenance Cost
  • No Supervision
  • No Insurance Cost
  • No Other Operational Cost
  • 25 Years Lifetime
  • Environmental Friendly (Manufactured from Recycled Plastic with No Use of Freon!)

    Floating Pond Cover Technical Specifications:

    Tile Dimensions

    • Diagonal Measure: 228 mm
    • Weight: 295 g
    • Height: 70 mm
    • Number of Tiles per m2: 28

    Big Bag Dimensions

    • 125 x 125 x 250 cm: 34 m2
    • Weight per Big Bag: approx. 285 kg
    • Load per 12m Truck (Trailer): approx. 1000m
    • Load per 2 x 8m Truck (Trailer): approx. 1250m

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