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Fiberglass Underground Storage Tank

fiberglass underground storage tanks

Underground Fiberglass Tanks Made in the USA

A Fiberglass Underground Storage Tank can provide you with a safe way to store hazardous chemicals and liquids below the ground's surface. When looking for tank to store a potentially harmful material, it is important that the tank you choose is manufactured with a material that will not cause pollution to the ground or soil surrounding the tank.

To help ensure this kind of safe storage, the fiberglass material can provide you with a leak-proof container that will not expand over time. This will prevent cracks from forming in your tank and causing problems. Additionally, fiberglass has a high resistance to both rusting and corrosion. Not sure which tank you need? Check out our tank selection guide.

Various resins can be built-in with these fiberglass storage tanks to provide you with a interior container that is equipped to handle your materials. Applications for this product include chemical storage, drinking water storage, rain water containment, and more. See Sizes and Specs

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Fiberglass Underground Storage Tank Advantages


  • Standard Maximum Depth: 36 Inches Below the Surface
  • Light in Weight
  • Easily Installed Under the Ground
  • Traffic-Rated Tanks Available
  • Tanks the can be Driven Over are Also Available
underground fiberglass water tank


  • Fiberglass underground tanks do not expand over time
  • Can withstand cold temperatures
  • Long lasting
  • Fiberglass material resists cracking, rusting and corroding
  • Great for storage of chemicals at power plants or hot water in new homes or hotels
  • Customized to almost any size for your application

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Technical Specifications

Fiberglass Underground Storage Tank Specifications
Capacity Dimensions Weight
525 5' D x 4'8" 147
750 - 200
1050 5' D x 9'3" 245
1250  5' D x 10'11" 340
1550 5' D x 13'5" 434
1800  5' D x 15'7" 504
2500 7' D x 13'  675
3250 7' D x 13'6" 1750
5000 8' D x 17' 8.5"  2050
6000 8' D X 20' 6.5” 2100
10000 8' D x 31'6.5 3300
11000 8' D X 34' 4”  4000
12000 8' D X 37.5'  4200
10000 10' D X 15'  3300
11000 12' D X 13' 3500

Fiberglass material is extremely flexible and easy to customize. If you need a tank that is a different size than listed above, please give us a call.

*For Potable Water Add 10%
**Escort Required for Transportation

All Tanks include Inlet, Outlet, Overflow/Drain, Vent and a 20" Manway

Standard Fittings are 0-2" Galvanized and made from 0-4" PVC
Flanged Fittings, ABS, or Other Fittings are Considered Specialty and are Extra

Description Dimensions Weight
PIP Adapter 20" D x 4" -
20” EXTENSION PER FOOT 20" D x 12" 20
24” EXTENSION PER FOOT 24" D x 12" 27
30” EXTENSION PER FOOT 30" D x 12" 35
Lift Eye - -
NYLON Tie-Down Strap 4” Wide 5
Jaw-&-Jaw Turnbuckle, 2 - 10
6-Hole Junction Box w/ rings 9"x14"x9" 6

Standard construction of this tank allows you to bury it up to 36 inches (or three feet). If you will need to be burying this tank deeper than three feet or if you need a tank that is traffic-rated, please specify your requirements so your tank can be adjusted to safely meet your needs.

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