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Modular Containment Systems & Bulk Sandbag Alternatives

Port-a-Bag is an innovative earthbag wall and earth bag gravity wall sandbag alternative that is low cost and highly efficient. Made from high strength textile, Port-a-Bags are pentagon shaped cells linked together in accordion type sections. GEI Works port-a-bag barrier bags provide a sustainable solution for use as a large retaining wall, gravity wall, flood barrier system, shoreline erosion barrier, temporary pond, and much more. Port-a-bag modular containment systems are available in 50 ft. long sections in 2 foot, 4 foot and 6 foot tall models, which can be stacked to your desired height.

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Port-a-Bag Barrier Advantagesearth bag retaining wall installation

Easy Installation:

Port-a-Bags can be installed by only 2 people with typical skid loader equipment (depending on your applicaiton and installation site). Sandbags are extremely tedious and require significant manpower to move and install, whereas this retaining wall option requires containment barrier walllimited equipment and a few simple steps. Earth bag wall barrier bags are divided into independent pocket cells that retain integrity even if one cell fails. See specifications

Long Term Cost Savings:

This earthbag wall folds flat for low cost shipping and easy storage. Bags can be filled with dirt, sand, rocks, cement, or the media of your choice. Port-a-Bags last several years and will withstand extreme weather conditions as a flood barrier system or an erosion barrier for beach restoration. See specs

Application Versatility:

The applications and uses for port-a-bag modular containment system are virtually endless, but they are most popularly used as a flood barrier system. Fill the barrier bags with cement for use as a bulkhead wall, or as a gravity retaining wall along shorelines as an erosion barrier. Port-a-bag gravity wall barrier bags are quickly emerging as a premiere solution for beach restoration projects. Other commonerosion barrier for beaches and shoreline modular containment system applications include:

  • Flood Wall Barrier
  • Bulkhead Wall
  • Beach Erosion Barrier
  • Beach Restoration Support
  • Temporary Pond or Containment
  • Earth Bag Retaining Wall or Gravity Wall

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Port-a-Bag Modular Containment System Specs

large earthbag wall installation
2 ft. Bag
4 ft. Bag
6 ft. Bag
Width of each cell
40 in.
Depth of each cell
30 in.
Volume of each cell
.60 yd^3
Cells per set
Filling Volume per set
9 yd^3
Filling Weight per set
12 tons
Partition wall
Cover (Optional)
Installation Kit Required
*These sandbag alternatives can be stacked to reach your desired earthbag retaining wall height.

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