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Little Helios Drug Barrel Burner Little Helios Drug Barrel Burner
For Police Stations & Law Enforcement USA Made

The Little Helios Police Station Drug Barrel Burner (formerly called Little Vulcan) is designed to provide law enforcement and police stations with a portable, in-house drug disposal system. Easy to move and operate, these 55 gallon portable drug incinerators are frequently used for confiscated drugs, narcotics, contraband and other evidence disposal.

Portable barrel burner units are constructed with a 55 gallon stainless steel drum, back wheels, back blower unit and more to create an economical and effective system for disposing of drugs. How it Works. Not sure which kind of incinerator you need? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597

Police Station Drug Incinerator Typical Specifications

55 gallon Stainless Steel Drum w/ Lid
Back Air Supply
Voltage Requirements:
Standard 120 V
Fuel Requirements:
Wood or Charcoal
24" diameter x 26.5" W x 45" H
Included Items:
  • Stoking Rod
  • PPE Gloves
  • Lighter
  • Cord Retainer
  • Portable GFCI Plug
  • Evidence Disposal Bags
How to use the Unit?
Who can use the Little Helios?
Little Helios Product FLyer
Looking for a larger unit to dispose of drugs? Dual Chamber Models
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drug barrel burnerHow it Works:

  1. Hopper: Easy Loading for Drugs and Confiscated Materials
  2. Lid Clamp: Secures the Lid to the Drum
  3. On/Off Button
  4. Barrel: Incineration Area
  5. Lid: Exhaust Location
  6. Hose: Connects the Back Blower to the Barrel
  7. Air Control: Adjust the Amount of Air Entering the Barrel
  8. Blower: Generates Air to Increase the Flame
  9. Cart: Transports Little Helios in and out of Storage

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If you have questions or would like pricing on this small portable incinerator, our customer service team is happy to help. Give us a call at +1-772-646-0597 or contact us.

Who can use the Little Helios?

The Little Helios Evidence Drug Disposal Unit is specifically designed for use with police stations and law enforcement. This barrel burner unit can be used for other waste disposal, but we strongly recommended that you contact your local permitting authorities first to ensure approval of use prior to purchase. See all incinerators

Federal Regulations for Air Programs

40 CFR: Protection of Environment
Chapter 1: Environmental Protection Agency
Sub Chapter C: Air Programs
Part 60: Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources
Subpart EEEE: Standards of Performance for Other Solid Waste Incinerators

What is an "Other Solid Waste Incinerator"? Other Solid Waste Incinerators (OSWI) is a name typically used to refer to small municipal waste combustion units and institutional waste incineration units.

OSWI are required to follow the subpart for performance unless they excluded in the exemption section.

The Little Helios Police Station Barrel Burner falls under the following exemption:

CFR 40 60.2887

p) Units that combust contraband or prohibited goods. Your incineration unit is excluded if the unit is owned or operated by a government agency such as police, customs, agricultural inspection, or a similar agency to destroy only illegal or prohibited goods such as illegal drugs, or agricultural food products that can not be transported into the country or across State lines to prevent bio - contamination. The exclusion does not apply to items either confiscated or incinerated by private, industrial, or commercial entities.

CRF Regulations

For local regulations in your area, please check with your local regulatory agencies to see what permitting may be required. Emissions from the unit will vary depending on what material is being burned.

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How to Use the Drug Disposal Barrel Burner

drug incineration processDesigned to be economical and easy to use, this incinerator has a fairly simple incineration process. A general overview of the process is as follows:

Step 1: Start a fire within the unit through the use of either wood or charcoal.
Step 2: Once the flame is sufficient, the drum lid can be clamped shut.
Step 3: Add air to the unit to further increase the flame.
Step 4: After the unit reaches its initial operating temperature (400° F), drugs can be safely inserted into the unit. Included with each model are a set of drug disposal bags. Drugs can be placed in the disposal bags and then inserted into the incinerator through the hopper. Hoppers are designed with a lid and bottom slide. Once boxes are inserted, tilt the bottom to allow the boxes to slide into the unit.
Step 5: Let the materials incinerate. After the initial amount (3 bags), 1 box can be added to the barrel every 15 minutes.
Step 6: Once your burn is complete and the unit is cool, ash can be removed from the drum.

For more information, please see: Helios Barrel Burner Instructions. Please do not hesitate to contact us for addition information on this drug disposal process.

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If you have questions about these drug disposal incinerators, give us a call at +1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote.

Small Scale Dual Chamber Incinerators

small scale incineratorFor larger drug disposal needs or air emission requirements, check out our 0.3 Helios Small Scale Drug Disposal Incinerator. This unit features a secondary chamber for further incineration and control requirements. The typical system capacity for these incinerators will be approximately 30-50 lbs./hr.

Due to their large capacity and dual chamber setup, these units are perfect for use with multiple stations!

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