Gravel Bag Drain Guards

drain guards gravel bags

Gravel Filter Bag Stormwater BMP

Roll-Style Gravel Bags are =designed to protect storm drains from silt, sediment, and other debris. Equipped to hold as little or as much gravel as needed for your location, these guards are placed around inlets, curbs, or street drains to help filter water before it enters the drain. Gravel bags are often a requirement for construction sites and work areas where there is a large amount of displaced silt or sediment.

Roll style gravel bags are one of many options available to help control erosion and prevent stormwater pollution into your drain. Standard Gravel Bags and Drain Guards can be found on our Stormwater BMP Page.

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Ultra-Gravel Bags® Orange
Part Number Description Dimensions Amount Weight
950-9781 Roll Form   19" x 250 yards
(483 mm x 228.5 m) 
1 continuous roll  75 lbs. (34 kg) 
950-9780 Individual  8"L x 19"W
(711 mm x 483 mm) 
250 bags per box 60lbs
(28 kg)

drain guards gravel bagsdrain guards gravel bagsdrain guards gravel bags

Ultra-Gravel Bags® Green
Part Number Description Dimensions Amount Weight
950-9784 Roll Form   11" x 250 yard roll, 2 rolls, 500 yards total  2 continuous rolls  80 lbs. (36 kg) 
950-9783 Individual   96" L x 11"W
(2439 mm x 280 mm) 
125 bags per box 60lbs
(28 kg) 
950-9782 Individual 48" L x 11"W
(1220 mm x 280 mm)
250 bags per box 60lbs
(28 kg) 

Gravel Bag Drain Guard Features:

  • Roll Style Gravel Bags
  • High Quality Polymer Material
  • Woven into Shape
  • No Sewn Edges
  • High UV Rating

Gravel Bag Drain Guard Benefits:

  • Stores as Little or as Much Gravel as Needed
  • Eliminates Limitations of Sewn Edges
  • High Resistance to Sun Exposure
  • Equipped for Different Locations

How Does This Product Keep you in Compliance?
drain guards gravel bags

  • Helps You to Comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) and TMDL Requirements
  • SWPPP Solution
  • Stormwater BMP


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