Coconut Fiber Wattles Drainage System

Coconut Fiber Wattles Drainage System

Question about a coconut fiber wattles drainage system. I am designing a drainage system that involves coconut fiber wattles. What type of wooden stakes do you recommend I use with your type of product? The wattles I am looking for are around 25 feet long and would be placed on a 7% grade.

Answer:coir wattle
Thank you for asking. For the coir fiber wattles, we would recommend wooden stakes, made of oak, size: 1.25"x1.25"x4 foot.The stakes are also known as aboe stakes. These can be placed around coirRequest a Quote wattles to help with sediment and draining.

Drainage Systems

The coir wattles have been a favorite for various kinds of drainage systems around and on construction sites. Coir wattles are great for this kind of system as they retain sediment, silt, and sand, while still allowing water to drain through the materials. This helps to filter out materials and keep stormwater clean on sites.

Biodegradable and easy to install, these coir wattles have often been used for the following applications:coconut fiber wattle

  • Slowing Down Runoff Overflow on Slopes
  • Catch Basin Filtering and Protection
  • Check Dams
  • Filtering Along Construction Site Entrances
  • Protection for Curb Drains and Inlets
  • As a coconut fiber wattles drainage system

Less dense than a coir log, these wattles help to filter water through the coconut fiber material faster. This helps in areas with high flows to prevent pooling or flooding around drains.

Coir Wattles and Stormwater Runoff

When dealing with any kind of drainage from a facility, coir wattlejob site, or construction area, having the runoff properly filtered is a high priority. Stormwater regulations have been a major problem in these areas as local and federal governments are looking to keep systems clean and free from debris, sediment, oil and more.

Coir fiber wattles drainage system setup, regardless of location, helps to filter our materials as they are flowing from your site. On slopes, this will mean filtering periodically as water flows down the slope. In front of drains, this will create filtering before water enters a drain system. Request a Quote

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