Downspout Filter

Easily Filter Water from a Downspout

gutter downspout filterThe Downspout Filter is one of the easiest ways to filter runoff from rooves, houses and buildings. Designed to attach directly to the bottom of a downspout, these filters work to remove harmful pollutants before water ever hits the ground. All models are designed with a hard exterior and a replaceable interior filter cloth.

  • Hydrocarbon Model: Removes Hydrocarbons, Oil and Grease
  • Heavy Metal Model: Removes Lead, Copper, and Zinc

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Ultra-Downspout Guard®

Part Number Description Weight
950-9315 Ultra-Downspout Guard *discontinued* 32 lbs.
(14.5 kg)
950-9316 Standard Refill for
Ultra-Downspout Guard 
11 lbs.
(5 kg)
950-9302 Heavy-Metal Removal Model- Standard   47 lbs.
(21.5 kg) 
950-9301 Heavy-Metal Removal Model- Large  69 lbs.
(31 kg) 
950-9303 Heavy-Metal Removal Refill- Standard
(Set of 4)
112 lbs.
(51 kg) 
950-9309 Heavy-Metal Removal Refill- Large
(Set of 4) 
(87 kg) 
Total Absorption Capacity for Gutter Downspout Filter: 8 gallons
(31 L) of hydrocarbons
downspout filter


  • Bottom Container: Polyethylene
  • Interior Filter: X-Tex Material
  • Refills Available for Both Hydrocarbon
    and Heavy Metal Models


  • Fits Gutters and Downspouts
  • Filters Out Unwanted Materials
  • Helps Keep Storm Water Runoff Clean
  • Bottom Unit will not Rust or Corrode

How Does This Product Keep you in Compliance?

  • Filters Out Oil, Hydrocarbons, Grease, Lead, Copper, Zinc and More to Keep Water Runoff Clean
  • Helps You to Comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) and TMDL Requirements
  • SWPPP Solution
  • Stormwater BMP

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