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Ditch Check filtering stormwater

The Taurus Ditch Check functions like a mini check dam to filter sediment runoff flowing through your ditch, swale, weir or culvert. Our check dams are designed to be small, temporary dams used with swales or drainage ditches to filter and slow the speed of the water flow through an area. They assist with providing temporary stabilization of construction sites during stormwater events. Multiple ditch checks can be installed at a single site for additional control of the water. Check dams are important stormwater BMP's as they canBuy Online Now! prevent sediment and debris from entering the waterways. Questions? Call our team at +1-772-646-0597.

Taurus Ditch Check: Long Term Use & Cost Savings

The Taurus Ditch Check is a GEI Works' patent pending solution for soil erosion control that introduces many leading-edge benefits and features:

  • Overflow Ports. Our check dam design has built in overflow ports, to minimize pooling in severe stormwater events.

Fabric Check Dam Filters Stormwater Taurus Ditch Check's permeable fabric filters sediment from stormwater Check Dam Filtering Stormwater

  • Self-Rising. Low-profile when dry, as water flow increases through the swale or ditch, the termporary check dam rises to capture debris and filter out sediment through the permeable geotextile fabric.
  • Long Lasting. Stays in place with a stable anchoring system (see installation instructions),is built for rugged use and to last in the field.
  • Sediment Trap. Taurus' check dam design also features a sediment trap to capture debris and silt.

    ditch check sediment trap Taurus Handle for easy Check Dam Maintenance maintenance of check dam

  • Use with Flocculants. For faster settling of sediment particles, incorporate the use of flocculants, absorbents, carbons and other water treatments.
  • Easy Maintenance. Disposing of the sediment is easy – just pick up the downstream edge by its loop handles and lift the back end to empty the sediment trap . (After emptying the sediment, we recommend using a flat-head shovel to avoid accidentally puncturing the fabric.)
  • Custom Sizes Available. Commonly requested sizes are available for online purchase at our GEI Works webstore. If you're looking for other sizes (or solutions), please contact us. As the manufacturer, we can build our products to your specifications. We're happy to help you get the right solution for your project!Ditch Check Filtering Stormwater from Ditch

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    Questions? Please call us: +1-772-646-0597 or contact us. If you need a custom size or have questions about our standard sizes, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Count on Taurus to help keep contaminated stormwater out of the waterways, so you avoid fines and expensive delays on your construction site. Contact GEI Works for more information about this excellent BMP solution.

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    If you have questions please call us: +1-772-646-0597 or contact us.

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