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Choosing the right Oil Boom for your contaminated Location

Question on oil boom types: May I know the different types of oil contamination boom you have available? I would like a type that can be used at oilfield spill sites (across pipelines). I intend advising the government on which to buy. May I also have your details/prices /specifications-as it would be included in the proposed bid. Thank You.oil booms


Greetings! I would be happy to provide you with some information on our Oil Spill Boom. Our Kraken Oil Booms are most commonly used as spill-response booms. Request a Quote

Also called oil spill containment boom, it is designed with semi-flexible internal foam flotation and a flexible fabric skirt. They are available in different sizes and strengths to contain spills in conditions from quiescent waters to open ocean waves. Please view the oil boom types listed below to see what option would work best for your location.

Oil Containment Boom for Calm Water Conditions:

These are a industry standard oil spill containment boom and perfect for quick response to spills in streams, canals, roadside ditches and other shallow calm water areas thus avoiding lake pollution.

Standard Sizes:

  • Calm Water Oil Cleanup Boom 10: 10 feet (3 m), 25 feet (7.5 m), 50 feet (15 m), 100 feet (30 m)
  • Calm Water Oil Cleanup Boom 12, 18, 20, 24, length available: 50 feet (15 m), 100 feet (30 m)

Oil Containment Boom for Fast Current Water Conditions:

These are strong versatile containment booms meeting OPA specification for use in rivers, streams, estuaries and near shore ocean environments where current is a factor. The oil spill containment boom provides a high tensile strength through its cables, required for fast water applications and towing.
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Standard Sizes:

  • Fast Current & Protected Water Oil Cleanup Boom 13: 13 inch/330 mm (height), 7 inch/180 mm (freeboard), 6 inch/150 mm (draft)
  • Fast Current & Protected Water Oil Cleanup Boom 14: 14 inch/350 mm (height), 8 inch/200 mm (freeboard), 6 inch/150 mm (draft)
  • Fast Current & Protected Water Oil Cleanup Boom 19: 19 inch/480 mm (height), 7 inch/180 mm (freeboard), 12 inch/300 mm (draft)
  • Fast Current & Protected Water Oil Cleanup Boom 20: 20 inch/500 mm (height), 8 inch/200 mm (freeboard), 12 inch/300 mm (draft)

Oil Containment Boom for Open Water Conditions:

These booms are high buoyancy curtain booms and suited for harbors and open water. Our Oil Spill Containment Boom meets OPA-90 requirements for all open water applications.

Standard Sizes:

  • Open Water Oil Boom 36: 36 inch/910 mm (height), 12 inch/300 mm (freeboard), 24 inch/610 mm (draft)
  • Open Water Oil Boom 42: 42 inch/1,060 mm (height), 15 inch/380 mm (freeboard), 27 inch/680 mm (draft)

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