Decontamination Tanks

Decontamination Pool
For Secondary Containment

Decontamination Tank Quote Request Decontamination Tanks are the perfect way to contain runoff and contaminated liquids during decon efforts and emergency spill response. Collections tanks hold liquids until proper draining or disposal can occur. They also double as secondary containment for equipment and small tanks when placed directly inside the onion collection tank.

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Onion Tanks

For quick containment onion collection tanks are a common choice. They are made with a foam collar and walls that rise on their own when liquid enters. Perfect for areas that require portability and fast setup.


  • Open Top
  • Self Rising Collar
  • Multiple Sizes and Options
  • High Strength PVC Fabric
  • Optional Fittings: Drains

Common Applications

  • Under leaking machineryDecontamination Tank Quote Request
  • Pipe punctures
  • Saddle tank leaks
  • Damaged cross-over lines
  • Hazmat spills
  • Various types of vehicles/equipment dispersing acids, caustics, oils, etc.
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Containment Pools Sizes

Size Material
25 gallons 22 oz PVC Fabric
50 gallons

22 oz PVC Fabric

75 gallons

22 oz PVC Fabric

100 gallons 22 oz PVC Fabric
150 gallons 22 oz PVC Fabric
200 gallons 22 oz PVC Fabric
250 gallons 22 oz PVC Fabric
300 gallons 22 oz PVC Fabric
400 gallons 22 oz PVC Fabric
500 gallons 22 oz PVC Fabric

Decon Decks

decontamination decksFeatures:

  • Rigid Containment Deck
  • Pop Out Bladder for Extra Containment
  • Under Deck Sum
  • Options: Hand Held Wand or Gross Rinse Shower System
  • Optional Carrying Case

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