Decontamination Pools

Decon Pools

frame tankDecontamination Pools, sometimes referred to as decon pools or containment pools, are a quick and easy solution for temporary containment under leaking valves, hoses, fittings or tanks. Made in a range of styles and designs, these pools are often considered the best solution for emergency response or containment requirements. See frame tanks

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Decontamination Pool Styles and Designs

As mentioned above, the decon pool is available in a range of styles to accommodate different leaks, sites or containment requirements. Please view the information below to find the best storage solution for your site, location or containment requirements.

Self Rising Onion Tanks

One of the most popular options for spill containment is a tank known as the self-rising onion tank. Unlike other tanks, these models are designed to rise as the interior fills with liquid. This allows the tank to adjust according to needs/liquid requirements.

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  • Self Rising Collar
  • Quickly Deployed
  • Easily stored
  • PVC Fabric


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Frame Decon Tanks

Frame Decon Tanks are a rigid alternative to decontamination and containment storage. These tanks use a rigid framework to support the sides of the tank. Their robust framework and higher walls has made them a frequent choice for decon showers, emergency storage, and temporary containment. frame tank

  • Rigid Exterior Frame
  • Robust Interior Liner
  • Aluminum or Steel Frame
  • Folding Exteriors

Decontamination Tank Applications

Due to their often flexible exteriors and fast response times, these decontamination tanks have been used in several different spill response and containment applications. Some of the most common applications for these tanks have included the following:

  • Emergency Spill Response Operations
  • HAZMAT Applications
  • Decon Wash Down
  • Tank Containment
  • Drum Containment
  • Small Equipment Storage
  • Quick Leak Containment Under Vehicles
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