Portable De-Icer Unit

De-Icer Skid and Trailer

Hot Deals for Cold Days

Cold times got you down? Take the chill off with a de-icer! When you're done de-icing, kick up your feet and warm them up with a portable heater.

What Makes a Wylie De-Icer Unique?

de-icer, de-ice, liquid ice meltAvailable for private and residential or municipal use, the Wylie De-Ice (Anti-Ice) Trailer or Skid makes your winterized roads safe and manageable.

Both products are available in four different sizes: 100, 200, 300, and 500 gallons.

You choose the control system: Raven SCS 11K or Raven DCS 400

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Trailer Features:

  • Ace GE650 Centrifugal Pump
  • Electric Brakes (300 or 500)
  • 2" Adjustable Ball Hitch
  • Swivel Hose Reel Mount
  • Breakaway Brake Kitde-icer, de-ice, liquid ice melt
  • Heavy Duty Fenders
  • DOT Approved Lights
  • Wylie Poly Tanks
  • Radial Tires (300 or 500)
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    Skid Features:
  • Heavy Duty Formed Steel Frame
  • Swivel Hose Reel Mount
  • Wylie Poly tanks
  • Fan or Straight Stream Nozzles (11 foot coverage)

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de-icer, de-ice, liquid ice meltNeed to De-Ice a Larger Area?

The Wylie "Ice Blitzer" Auto Skid can be easily installed in most truck dump beds using heavy duty poly casters No Lifting Required!


This Industrial Anti-Icer comes in three sizes: 1600, 1250, 1025 gallons

Blitzer Features:

  • Up to Six Different Programmable Application Rates
  • "Blast" Button for Temporary Higher Rate
  • Display of Volume per Lane Mile or per Thousand Square Feet
  • Display of Total Liquid Applied, Speed, Distance, Volume in Tank
  • Optional Boom Buster™ to Extend Spray up to 21"
  • Partial Baffles to Control Liquid Movement

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