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Coir Logs for Lake Shore

Placement of Coir Logs

Looking for coir logs for lake shore areas. What are the prices for coir logs? I want to place them along a lake shore? What is the sizes you have available? I have a 140 feet shoreline to cover. What length do they come in?

What diameters do they come in? I have a beach that is very prone to boat wakes and wave from the wind and need something quite beefy to protect from erosion.

I don't know the slope in degrees but it's quite gradual.

coir logsThanks for asking. Our coir logs for lake shore areas come in a product length of 10 feet. We have 12", 16" and 20" diameter coir logs available. The 12" coir log should work for your project but we can provide pricing on all 3 sizes, if you require. To receive pricing on any of our coir products, please feel free to contact us through one of the following methods:

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Coir Lakes for Lake Shore Areas

Coir logs (as well as several other coir materials) have been a favorite for areas along lakes, ponds and small streams. Their natural fiber construction helps to provide a level of control that will not bring any harm to the surrounding environment.

Some advantages customers have found when using this type of coir material along their lake shore have included the following:

  • Resistant to Rust and Rot (helpful for areas in constant contact with water)
  • Degrades over 2 to 5 years
  • Easy to Install
  • Natural

As mentioned before, coir logs are available in standard lengths of 10 feet. To reach your required length of 140 feet, several coir logs can be joined together through the use of coir twine.

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gei works logoIf you have any additional questions, please contact our Granite Environmental sales team at +1-772-646-0597.