Chemical Holding Tanks

Pharmaceutical and Chemical Storage Tanks

15 Gallon Pharmaceutical Bin

chemical holding tanksThese 15 gallon chemical holding tanks for pharmaceutical materials are perfect for storing some of your in-house materials. While their construction in polyethylene makes them equipped to handle a variety of different drug powders and materials, they also remain lighter in weight for quick transportation.

When storing potentially harmful materials, you will want to make sure that the container you place them in is fully capable of handling these items. To help prevent any kind of wearing down and cracking at the seams, these pharmaceutical bins have been constructed with one piece of polyethylene containing no seams. This lessens the likelihood of the container leaking over time and contaminating areas in your facility.

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  • Meets FDA Standards
  • Optional Changes:
    • Size
    • Color
  • Optional Add-Ons:
    • Stainless Steel Dolly
    • Removable Cover
pharmaceutical bins


  • Capable of Being Stacked
  • Low in Cost
  • Lid to Fully Protect Pharmaceutical Materials
  • Mobility Option
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Storage Bins
Part Number Capacity (gal) Size (dia x height)
 TC1522BA    15    16 x 22  

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