Causes of Soil Erosion

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Soil Erosion Causes

causes of soil erosion, effects of soil erosion The causes of soil erosion can be broken down into two main categories: Erosion by Water and Erosion by Wind.

Although soil erosion is a natural occurrence on all land, there are certain factors that call accelerate the erosion making it more noticeable and problematic.

With the help of products like coir mats, woven geotextiles, and non-woven geotextiles to assist in the growth of vegetation, the problem itself can erode away.

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Erosion Control Products:

soil erosion, soil erosion preventionWoven Geotextiles:

Silt Fence: W100

Stabilization and Separation: W200W250LM200W300W315

Erosion Control: M404M706

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Drainage and Filtration: GT131GT135GT140GT142GT160GT170

Separation and Underlayment: GT180GT110GT112GT116

Asphalt Overlay: GC130GC140

Environmental Applications: GE110GE116GE140GE160GE170GE180

soil erosion, soil erosion preventionNatural Fiber Products:

Erosion Control - Sediment Control: Coir Silt CheckCoir WattlesSoil Erosion Control Blankets and Mats

Soil Bio-Engineering: Coir BlocksCoir LogsCoir Weed Mats


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Water: Factors & Causes of Soil Erosion:

  • Rainfall Intensity and Runoff: The impact of raindrops will break up the soil and water build-up will create runoff, taking sediment with it.
  • Soil Erodibility: Based on the characteristics of each unique soil, it is more or less susceptible to erosion. Recurring erosion is more typical for soil in areas that have experienced erosion in the past.
  • Slope Gradient and Length: The steeper the slope, the greater amount of soil can be lost. As the soil erodes downward, it increases the slope degree, which in turn, creates further erosion.
  • Vegetation: Vegetative cover of plants or crop residues protect the soil from raindrop impact and splash. The less vegetation cover, the more erosion can occur.

Water: Effects of Soil Erosion:

The loss of natural nutrients and possible fertilizers directly affect crop emergence, growth, and yield. Seeds can be disturbed or removed and pesticides can be carried off. The soil quality, structure, stability, and texture are also affected, which in turn affect the holding capacity of the soil.

What is not often seen are the "off-site" effects. Eroded soil can inhibit the growth of seeds, bury seedlings, contribute to road damage, and even contaminate water sources and recreational areas.

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Wind: Factors & Causes of Soil Erosion:

  • Erodability of Soil: The finest particles are transported by the wind, while the heavier particles are blown across the surface causing abrasion.
  • Soil Surface Roughness: Soil surfaces that are not rough offer little resistance to wind erosion. Excess tillage can contribute to the breakdown of soil.
  • Climate: Soil moisture levels at the surface can become extremely low in times of drought, increasing particles to be carried by the wind. Conversely, this effect can occur in freezing climates as well.
  • Un-Sheltered Distance: The lack of windbreaks allows wind to transport particles a farther distance, increasing abrasion and erosion.
  • Vegetative Cover: Lack of permanent vegetation creates loose, dry, and barren soil that is perfect for wind transport.

Wind: Effects of Soil Erosion:

Crops can be completely ruined, resulting in delay and reseeding, which is costly. Plants could become sandblasted resulting in a decreased yield. Soil drifting depletes fertility and continual drifting can change the texture of soil.

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Don't let your knowledge erode! Soak up the ins and out of erosion control and the geotextile products used.

Brush Up on the Types of Erosion:

Beach ErosionCoastal Erosion Soil ErosionWater Erosion
Wind ErosionRiver Bank ErosionWeathering and Erosion

Learn About the Causes and Solutions:

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Master the Specifics of Geotextiles:

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Geotextiles by Propex®:

Turf Reinforcement Mats:
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Geotex® 651Geotex® 861Geotex® 1071Geotex® 1291Geotex® 1701

Paving Products:
Petromat® 4597Petromat® 4598Petromat® 4599Petrotac® 4591

Separation and Stabilization:
Geotex® 135STGeotex® 200STGeotex® 250STGeotex® 270STGeotex® 315ST

Filtration and Monofilament:
Geotex® 104FGeotex® 111FGeotex® 117F

Biaxial Soil Reinforcement:
Geotex® 2 x 2 HFGeotex® 3 x 3 HFGeotex® 4 x 4Geotex® 4 x 4 HFGeotex® 4 x 6

Uniaxial Soil Reinforcement:
Geotex® 4 x 1Geotex® 6 x 1Geotex® 9 x 1Geotex® 12 x 1

Silt Fence:
Geotex® 2130

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