Brine Tanks

Open Top Brine Plastic Tanks

brine tanksThese brine tanks feature an open-top flat bottom structure that provides them with stability and easy access while in storage. Since these tanks are manufactured with no lid, chemicals, water solutions, and more can be easily poured straight into or out of the tank. Designed to remain strong despite contact to its exterior or interior, one way you can use a brine tank to store chemicals.

This water softener tank has also been frequently used with water conditioning systems, to help soften water that has been polluted with minerals such as magnesium. Brine solution stored in this plastic tank will mix with minerals, causing calcium or magnesium to be driven off the beads of water. Brine storage tanks have also been used to marinate items like olives, allowing them to soak in the marination and then be easily removed when the process has finished.

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  • Top of the Tank is Open
  • Black Exterior
  • Protection Against Impact and Chemical Breakdown
  • Requires No Additional Support System
brine plastic tanks


  • Easy to Enter and Remove Chemicals from the Tank
  • Can be Attached to Water Conditioning Equipment
  • Great for Mixing Chemicals Inside the Tank
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Technical Specifications
Part Number Capacity (gal) Size (dia x height)
 TC1829HA    30    18 x 29  
 TC1840HA    40    18 x 40  
 TC2236HA    55    22 x 36  
 TC2832HA    85    28 x 32  
 TC2448HA    90    24 x 48  
 TC2842HA    100    28 x 42  
 TC3148HA    150    31 x 48  
 TC3648HA    200    36 x 48  
 TC4248HA    275    42 x 48  
 TC4848HA    360    48 x 48  
 TC5260HA    500    52 x 60  

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