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Bolted Steel Tanks are our highest rated bulk water storage steel tanks for sale. Corrugated steel tanks are made from extremely high quality steel panels. These tanks ship at just 1% of their final size, and are bolted together at your desired location. Our bolted storage tanks can be used for liquid or solid contents, rainwater collection, fire suppression water storage, drinking water, and much more.

Bolted Drinking Water Holding Tanks

Liners are provided with our corrugated steel tanks, and the fabric of the liner will be compatible with the liquid or solid you will be storing inside. Liners protect both your contents, and the steel tank from rust for a long use life.  If you are planning on using the tank as a drinking water holding tank, liners are ANSI/NSF 61 NSF certified for safe drinking water. Interested in our steel tanks? Request pricing.

Bolted Steel Tank Sizing and Dimension Specifications bolted tank sizes

Standard sizes go up to almost 300,000 gallons (1,115,000 liters); however custom sizes and dimensions are also available. Bolted steel tanks can be disassembled and moved as needed and installed in just one day by two technicians. Because these corrugated steel panels are installed on location, shipping and transport is easy, lightweight, and the tanks can be shipped at 1% of their final size. See all dimensions and tank capacities.

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Bolted Corrugated Steel Advantages

Whether you need to store drinking water, food-grade liquids or animal feed stock, bolted steel tanks are cost effective and reusable choices for any location. Concerned about appearances? Our steel tanks can be painted, wood paneled, or wrapped with the design of your choice. Designed for long term strength and reliability, our tanks come with a 20 year warranty. Additionally, these are our best steel tanks for sale suited for use as a bulk feed bin. For more information on corrugated tank uses and advantages click here.

Bolted Water Tank Accessories

Accessories like water heaters, door hatches, ladders, and more are offered to supply you with the ideal bolted tank for your application.

  • Side Ladders
  • OSHA Cages
  • Roof Rails and Guards
  • Removable Filter
  • Accessible Hatch
  • Polyethylene Outlet, Drains, and Shut Off Valves
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  • Seismic Anchors for Earthquake Prone Areas
  • See all dimensions and sizes

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