Stormwater Best Management Practices | BMPs for Stormwater Management

Best Management Practices for Stormwater

Stormwater BMPs (Best Management Practices) for Compliance

Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) include a range of water and pollution control products designed to help keep your site in compliance with local and federal stormwater regulations. Working to address pollution present in discharge, stormwater or runoff, these BMPs aim to remove silt, sediment, sand, dirt, oil, hydrocarbons and several other contaminants on your site. As water flows through these stormwater best management practices, pollutants will be effectively filtered out so only cleaner water passes into the drain system. Some of the most common stormwater BMPs include drain guards, coir logs, gutter guards, wattles, turbidity curtains and more.

Recommended Stormwater & Construction BMPs

Stormwater BMP products are commonly used inside storm drains, on top of drain grates, or in front of inlets to remove unwanted materials and pollutants. We recommend these three USA made patent pending stormwater best management practices to filter stormwater help keep your site in compliance. They are desinged to filter stormwater by helping allow only clean water to pass into a stormwater system, and are easy to install and maintain.

Taurus Over Grate Drain Cover Stormwater BMP: Over Grate Filter

  • The Taurus Over Grate Filter, made with durable geotextile material, filters debris and keep drain systems clean .  It is durable enough to last in the toughest conditions, and its low profile makes it street-sweeper friendly.  This stormwater bmp is easily installed by one person, without having to lift or remove heavy drain grates.   

Stormwater BMP: Curb Inlet GuardTaurus Curb Inlet Filter

  • The Taurus Curb Inlet Filter prevents stormwater runoff from carrying harmful pollutants unfiltered into a curb drain. Unlike typical curb inlet guards that often create external sediment buildup, the Taurus Curb Inlet Filter allows sediment to flow into the drain where it is collected and held until the unit is emptied. This stormwater bmp is so low profile that it almost disappears when installed in the mouth of storm drains. 
  • Stormwater BMP: Ditch Check

    Taurus Ditch Check

  • The Taurus Ditch Check works like a mini check dam wall, slowing the flow of water while filtering sediment runoff in ditches, swales, and culverts. It has a self rising check dam designed to rise as the water flow increases, and lies nearly flat when there is no flow. See Ditch Check pricing here on our GEI Works Webstore.

Due to the various sizes and styles of each drain, our stormwater BMPs can be customized to fit your particular application. Contact one of our specialists to find the best guard option for you at +1 (772) 589-3343, or request a quote.

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Water Pollution Control BMPs

Drain guards are a great option for stormwater runoff and other small flows that leave your site. However, many locations also require larger scale pollution control directly inside water areas. For these locations, Floating Turbidity Curtain and floating booms can be a better option. These curtains are placed directly around dredging sites, roads and construction sites to control silt.

  • type 1 turbidity curtainType 1 Turbidity Curtain:
    • Calm Water Silt Containment
    • Economy and DOT Models

  • Type 2 Turbidity Curtain:
    • Moving Water Silt Control
    • DOT, Heavy Duty and Permeable Models

  • Type 3 Turbidity Curtain:
    • High Strength Containment
    • DOT, Heavy Duty and Permeable Models


Filters: Another favorite for stormwater filtration are the stormwater drain and pipe filters. These handy filtering devices include the following products:

  • self bailerDownspout Guards: These filters hook up directly to your downspout drain to filter stormwater as it flows out.

  • Containment Drains: When storing fuel tanks or drums in large open top containers, items like the self-bailer can be ideal. These small filter connect directly to the containment sump and filter water that may have collected there from storms.

  • Pipe Sock: Pipe socks are effective best management practices that has been known to hook up to pipes to help filter materials.

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Dewatering Bags & Tubes

For larger sediment removal requirements, Dewatering Bags and Tubes are available to help effectively remove unwanted materials. Bags can be made as small as 6' x 6' or as large as 25' x 15'. This has equipped them for use with site discharge, sediment ponds or other construction projects.

dewatering bagDewatering Bag: The dewatering bag is commonly used as a best management practice on construction sites and other flexible areas. The bag typically features a rectangular design that can fit in dump trucks, drop boxes or around sites to help filter water.

The dewatering bag can accommodate 2", 3" and 4" hoses to help connect to various discharge hoses during a dewatering process.

More Stormwater BMP Options

coir wattles

Coir Logs & Wattles

stormwater drain guard

Stormwater BMPs

curb gutter guard

Curb Gutter Log

silt fence

Silt Fence

geotextile dewatering tubes

Geotextile Tubes

dewatering bag

Dewatering Bags

drain guard

Construction Site BMPs

filter drain cover

Filtering Drain Cover

type 1 silt barrier

Turbidity Curtains

Read our blog post here and learn how BMPs fit into a disaster preparedness plan.

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