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Beach Erosion has become a household name around the world as it continues as a growing problem. Whether the shore is sheltered or exposed currents, waves, and sea level change play a major role in the causes of this erosion type.

Products to Help with Erosion on Beaches

There are several different products that can be used to help with erosion on beaches depending on your specific application or requirements. A couple of different beach erosion options can be found below:

breakwater tube

Breakwater Tubes

Breakwater Tubes: These breakwater tubes are commonly used in applications requiring long, demanding, or extended shoreline support. Tubes help naturally retain sand along the shores while allowing water to flow in and out of the tube.

coir logs

Coir Logs

Coconut Fiber Log: The coconut fiber log is another natural fiber product designed to help with erosion control along beaches. Logs can be implemented on shorelines or at the top to help establish vegetation.

coir erosion control mats

Erosion Control Mats

Erosion Control Mats: The erosion control mats are made from natural materials such as coir, straw, and wood fiber to help with stabilization applications on beaches. Vegetation can be planted underneath or directly through this mat to help further stabilize the area and control erosion.

Additional Erosion Control Materials

In addition to some of the products shown above, we also offer several geotextiles that may be able to help with your application. If you are using a beach erosion control method, such as building a sea wall, geotextile are often installed underneath the wall to help stabilize the area prior to installation of the wall. These have included:

  • Woven Geotextiles: Perfect for stabilization and separation applications that require high strength.
  • Nonwoven Geotextiles: These materials are often used to help with drainage and filteration applications.

Beach Restoration Options

One solution is "beach restoration (beach nourishment)". However, this is not only a temporary solution, but it is also a controversial subject. Sand must be trucked in from other sources and filtered for sediment. This sand, too, will eventually makes its way into the air or the water, bringing it back to its eroded state. The harvesting of restorative sand could have a negative impact on the aquatic life, change currents, and ultimately create new erosion.

beach erosion, sand erosion controlAnother popular solution is to build seawalls, revetments, and jetties along the shoreline. According to Dr. Ken Ruben , assistant professor of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Hawaii, "[t]hese have a negative effect on beaches because once sea water reaches them, it bounces off them with more energy than a wave washing back off a normal sand beach."

Erosion Solution Products:

So what is a good solution? Nothing beats beach erosion like natural vegetation. Natural fibers, like coir , can help propagate the growth and provide stability to root systems. If a seawall must be built, the fabric underlay should be a geotextile.

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erosion control expert

Become an Erosion Control "Expert"!

Don't let your knowledge erode! Soak up the ins and out of erosion control and the geotextile products used.

Brush Up on the Types of Erosion:

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Learn About the Causes and Solutions:

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