Plastic Tanks for Agricultural Use

Citrus Tubs and Open Top Tanks


GEI Works supplies a range of polytanks for agriculture. Built to be durable and long lasting, our open top tanks and citrus tubs are composed of UV resistant, nontoxic polyethylene resin to ensure safety, strength and easy cleaning.

GEI Works Citrus Tubs

orange groveRugged Tubs for Florida Citrus Growers

GEI Works 10-Box Citrus Tubs are the leading citrus collection bins in the state of Florida. Their molded polyethylene resin design is engineered with UV stabilizers to insure longevity and durability over many years in the orange grove under the bright Florida sunshine. Each GEI Works 10-Box Citrus Tub is rotationally molded and upholds the highest standards within the Florida citrus industry. As a result, GEI Works Citrus Tubs are resistant to cracking from brittleness, damage from UV exposure, bottom failure from being dropped, ring mounting failure, and cracking. As a result of these resistances, the Citrus Tub from GEI Works holds up to stressors better than many of the other products available.

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  • filled citrus tubTubs fit standard 10 box rings
  • Available with or without rings and mounting hardware
  • Colors: yellow, red or black
  • Made from UV resistant LMDPE Polyethylene

  • Measurements

  • red citrus tubBase: 36.87"
  • Height: 25.62"
  • Top: 58.50"
  • Weight: 47.13 lbs.

    Replacement Options

  • citrus tub with ringFour-year replacement warranty from manufacture date
  • Replacement tubs
  • Replacement ring mounting hardware
  • Replacement tubs with ring and ring mounting hardware

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GEI Works Open Top Poly Tanks

open top tanksAnimal Safe, Agricultural Storage Tanks

GEI Works provides a variety of polytank shapes and designs. Open Top Tanks from GEI Works are an ideal solution for livestock watering and feeding due to their size and shape. Each open top tank from GEI Works is manufactured with FDA compliant, nontoxic polyethylene resin that is safe for animals as well as aquatic life. Open top poly tanks are UV stabilized to insure an extended lifetime, strength, and ease of cleaning. With standard volumes ranging from 16 to 1,000 gallons, wall strength in heavy duty or super duty and a variety of colors, you have many options to tackle your liquid or solid storage needs. Typical configurations of these plastic water storage tanks include a ¼” thick wall and 1-1/2”, 2”, or 3” lip/flange at the top, and an optional drain that can be included at the time of construction.

While open top tanks are most commonly used in agriculture for watering or feeding livestock, these polytanks are used in a variety of other applications:

  • open top tankStorage
  • Bathing
  • Reptile and Fish Breeding
  • Field Research
  • Construction
  • Water Gardens
  • Vegetable and Flower Planters
  • Rainwater Collection
  • Hydroponics and Aquaponics

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    Open Top Poly Tank Specifications

    Round Open Top Tanks         

    Capacity Dimensions Height Colors
    90 Gallon Tank 38” ID 19” Blue, Black, White, Granite
    90 Gallon Tank** 38” ID 19” Blue, Black, White, Granite
    100 Gallon Tank 28” 42” White with Lid
    100 Gallon Tank 65” ID 8” Blue
    210 Gallon Tank 48” ID 32” White, Blue, Granite
    300 Gallon Tank 70” ID 24” White, Blue, Granite
    400 Gallon Tank 77” ID 20” White, Blue, Granite
    410 Gallon Tank 61-1/2” ID 34-1/2” Blue, Granite
    450 Gallon Tank 70” ID 30” Blue, Black, Granite
    650 Gallon Tank 78” ID 34.5” Natural, Blue
    1000 Gallon Tank 85-1/2” ID 44-1/4” Natural, Blue









    **SD – Super duty wall construction

    Rectangular Open Top Tanks

    Capacity Dimensions Height Colors
    16 Gallon Tank 18-1/2” x
    19” Natural, Blue
    37 Gallon Tank 25” x 13” 30-1/2” Natural, Blue
    58 Gallon Tank 30-1/2” x
    30-1/2” Natural, Blue
    74 Gallon Tank 24-1/2” x 22” 36-3/4” Natural, Blue
    89 Gallon Tank 25-1/2” x 25-1/2” 36-3/4” Natural, Blue
    110 Gallon Tank 55” x 31” ID 17-1/2”

    White, Blue

    120 Gallon Tank 73” x 37” ID 12”

    White, Blue

    150 Gallon Tank 37-1/2” x
    32-1/2” Natural, Blue
    175 Gallon Tank 48” x 48” 18” White, Blue
    175 Gallon Tank* 48” x 48” 18” White, Blue
    180 Gallon Tank 49-1/2” x
    24-3/4” Natural, Blue
    240 Gallon Tank 65” x 48” 18” White, Blue, Granite
    240 Gallon Tank* 65” x 48” 18" White, Blue, Granite
    350 Gallon Tank 68” x 68” 18” White
    725 Gallon Tank 98” x 74” 25” Natural, Blue















    *HD – Heavy duty wall construction

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