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Oil Spill Clean Up Absorbents

Oil Spill Clean Up Absorbents are used in industries and facilities around the world to quickly address, contain and clean up a spill. Constructed with a range of oil absorbing properties, these products are designed to specifically target hazardous materials on your site. Once in place, products will absorb liquids to prevent further contamination. Available models include socks, booms, pads, wipes, rolls, and pillows.

absorbent boom

Boom Absorbents

Absorbent Sock

Absorbing Socks

Absorbent roll wipes oil only, price quote request

Absorbing Wipes

absorbent rolls

Spill Absorbing Rolls

Oil Absorbent Pads

Spill Absorbing Pads

Spill Absorbent Pillow

Spill Absorbing Pillows

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Learn More about Oil Spill Absorbents

Due to the demanding nature of hazardous materials and spills, oil spill sorbents are designed with a range of industrial strength properties that allow them to absorb well beyond their own weight in liquid. This increases their absorbency potential and makes them ideal for any hazardous material spill.

oil only padsAbsorbent Product Models

Sorbents are typically designed for use as either a containment or a clean up product. Containment products include socks and booms that are long in length and can effectively surround or block off spills. By contrast, clean up products tend to be wider and flatter, allowing them to reach larger surface areas. Below you will find a brief description on each of the products and how they can be used for specific oil spill clean up applications.


Containment Sorbents

Booms: One of the most common products for spill containment is the oil sorbent boom. Easy to deploy and link together, these booms are placed around spills to prevent further spreading of a spill. Spaghetti Booms are also available for areas with thick oil or cold waters.

Socks: The Sorbent sock is a highly flexible, tube-like product that is often curved around a hydrocarbon-storing container, machine or spill. Their durable construction makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Clean Up Sorbents

Pads: Sorbent pads are one of the quickest ways to address small spills, leaks and drips. Designed as a high strength product, these pads can be placed on spills to recover spilled liquids. After use, pads can be easily wrung out and then incinerated.

Rolls: For larger spill clean jobs or hazardous material transportation, rolls can be a great addition to your facility or warehouse. Rolls are designed as an extended absorbent that can fit along walkways, under machinery or along temporary transportation routes. If needed, rolls can be perforated for easy tearing.

Pillows: Sorbent Pillows are an ideal clean up product for any location that requires a higher concentration of absorbency.

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If you have questions about any of our products, give us a call at (+1) 772.646.0597 or toll free at (+1) 888.703.9889 or request a price quote.

Spill Clean Up Kits

spill kitsThe Spill Clean Up Kit is the perfect solution for sites that need to store multiple absorbents for the event of a spill. Standard kits will include a robust storage container, safety gear, disposal bags, and a variety of containment and clean up sorbents. Models include:

  • 5 gallon Transport Kit
  • 20 gallon Kit
  • 30 Gallon Drum Kit
  • 55 Gallon Drum Kit
  • 95 Gallon Drum Kit
  • Large Tote Spill Kits


Secondary Containment and Disposal

Sorbents and Site Compliance: One of the most common reasons to implement the use of absorbents on your site is to meet spill requirements for your facility or warehouse. Any time you are storing hazardous materials, having a built-in plan to contain liquids or keep your site clean is often a requirement. Having sorbents on site can often help sites avoid costly fines and stay prepared for the event of an emergency.

Incinerators and Disposal: After products have been implemented, they should then be disposed according the rules and regulations of your site. For areas with frequent disposal requirements, check out our wide selection of Solid Waste Incinerators.

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