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Absorbent Rolls for Oil, Water, and Chemicals Spills

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Rolls of Absorbing Pads

Kraken Absorbent Rolls are made from large absorbent pads and are perfect for quick spill containment. Absorbing rolls can be cut on site or can be perforated for easy tear pads. This reduces clean up times and provides coverage that is flexible, quick, and effective.

Models include oil only, hazmat, universal and anti-static. Oily only absorbing pads and absorbent rolls can be used to absorb or skim oil from all terrain and bodies of water and retain oil withought absorbing a drop of water. Universal absorbent pads are an ideal solution for spill control and spill cleanup. These absorbent rolls keep your facility safe by absorbing acids, water and oil-based liquids.

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Oil Absorbing Pads & Rollsabsorbent rolls

Target: Hydrocarbons, Oil, Petroleum and other Oil Based Liquids
Design: Heavy Weight, Medium Weight, or Light Weight
Color: White

Universal Absorbing Pads & Rolls

Target: Acids, Corrosives, Water, Caustics and Oil Based Liquids
Design: Heavy Weight, Medium Weight, or Light Weight
Color: Graychemical spill pad roll

Hazmat & Chemical Absorbent Rolls

Target: Aggressive Liquids including Acids and Chemicals
Design: Heavy Weight, Medium Weight, or Light Weight
Color: Yellow

Oil Only Anti Static Rolls

Target: Hydrocarbons, Oil, Petroleum and other Oil Based Liquids
Design: Anti-Static of Areas at Risk of Fire due to Static
Color: White

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Spill Absorbent Rolls Features & Benefits

absorbent rollsDimpled Models: Dimpled models feature an additional dimpling across the material for strength and durability. They are perfect for demanding jobs or use them as simple water absorbing pads.

Anti-Static Models: Anti-static absorbent pads for oil is perfect for areas at risk of fire due to static when absorbing oil and hydrocarbons.

Perforated Models: A perforated roll option is a great choice to easily tear absorbent pads in the size you need. Perforated absorbent rolls come with perforated lines throughout the roll that can be torn as to make large absorbent pads when needed.


  • Rolls Out for Equipment
  • Perforated Options for Easy Tearing
  • High Absorbency Rates
  • Great for Transfer of Hazardous Liquids
  • Ideal for Secondary Containment
  • Options for Long or Short Clean up Jobs

Additional Absorbents & Oil Spill Clean Up Products

Absorbents are one of many oil spill clean up products designed to assist in the containment and recovery of hazardous materials. Absorbent pads for water include many other models including:

spill kit booms and pads

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For pricing information on rolls of oil absorbing pads, absorbent pads for water, please feel free to give us a call at +1-772-646-0597 and ask about oil absorbing pads, chemical absorbing pads, and water absorbing pads.