Above Ground Storage Tanks

Petroleum and Chemical Storage

above ground storage tanks, above ground storage tank, aboveground storage tanks Above ground storage tanks for hazardous liquids are tough and robust storage options for chemicals, fuel, and other materials. Manufactured with strength and quality in mind, all of tanks are built to meet or exceed UL-142 and US EPA regulations for the storage of chemicals.

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Available Steel Storage Tank Designs include:

  • Above Ground & Underground
  • Cylindrical or Rectangular
  • Single-Walled or Double-Walled
  • Fire Rated
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Standard Aboveground Tank Features:

  • Horizontal Capacity: up to 50,000 gallons
  • Vertical Capacity: up to 49,500 gallons
  • Steel Thickness: 10 gauge - 1 1/4 inch
  • Exterior Full Fillet Lap Joints
  • Flat Flanged Heads
  • Seam Inspection and 5 psi Factory Air Test
  • Manways
  • Connections for Venting, Filling, Gauging, etc.
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Gray Alkyd Shop Primer

FireGuard Tank:

fire rated tanksThe FireGuard is the perfect solution for the safe storage of combustible liquids. Fire-protection tanks are often needed to meet setback limitations or regulatory requirements. This thermally protected above ground storage tank is ideal.

What are the Advantages?

  • 2-hour Fire Rating
  • Lightweight
  • Reduces Tank Setback and Separation Distance Requirements by 50%
  • Secondary Containment Site Testing
  • Steel Protected Insulation
  • Capacity: 300 - 40,000 gallons
  • STI Standard 30-year Limited Warranty
  • Available in Rectangular or Cylindrical Design

Tough Tank:

steel tough tankDon't fool around with this tank! It gets its name from the ability to withstand unexpected internal pressures and it minimizes ruptures. The unique heads are designed for added strength when storing lube or heating oil.

steel dike tankDike Tank:

The job of the dike tank is to contain spills from tanks, piping, and related flammable liquid equipment. This entire unit meets UL-142 and NFPA 30 for primary and secondary containment.

dike tankAREO Dike Tank:

These tanks were the first steel storage tanks to obtain UL label for the secondary system. They have removable rain shields and available with the safety of UL-2085.

This above ground storage tank has a patented overfill protection system. Any spills or overspills are contained within the dike.

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Overfill Protection Tank:

overfill steel protection tankThis tank provides overfill protection from:

  • Malfunctioning Overfill Limiter
  • Unattended Delivery Trucks
  • Malfunctioning Vents
  • Distracted Delivery Attendant
  • Malfunctioning Gauge
  • Incorrect Inventory Record
  • Malfunctioning Alarm

Designed to capture and store overfills, the OP tank is manufactured with a patented overfill protection system and overfill chamber.

shelter tankShelter Tank:

These aboveground storage tanks are a modular tank system for the secure storage of petroleum, chemicals, hazardous waste, and fertilizers.
It meets both UL-142 and NFPA 30 Codes and consists of a steel tank placed within a 110% or 150% steel containment dike with shelter cover.

steel skid tank

Skid Tank:

We offer two style of skid tank:

• up to 1500 gallons /skids manufactured from steel angle• 1500+ gallons /skids manufactured from steel pipe

These above ground storage tanks are ideal for portable storage using the integral runners. The skids keep the tank stabilized and maintain a fixed elevation during movement.

BDH and BDV Bulk Storage Drums:

above ground storage tanks, above ground storage tank, aboveground storage tanksabove ground storage tanks, above ground storage tank, aboveground storage tanks

These Bulk Drum Storage Units are ideal for spaces with limited height and can replace the 55-gallon drum.

They are fabricated to UL-142, the tanks store more product in less space, which allows for bulk purchase savings.

Available in Single or Double Wall.

BDH Models: BDH-240, BDH-300, BDH-500, BDH-1000, BDH-1500, BDH-2000

BDV Models: BDV-240, BDV-300, BDV-500

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