12 inch Coconut Fiber Logs

12 inch Coir Logs

12 inch Coconut Fiber Logs are an all-natural coconut fiber product designed to stabilize slopes, control erosion and help establish vegetation in your location. Each log will typically feature a length of ten feet (10') and can then be joined together to reach required lengths.

Technical Specificationscoconut fiber logs

Dimensions 12" Diameter x 10' L
Unit Weight 5 lbs./ft.
Density 7 lbs./cu ft.
Outer Net 90 lbs.
Outer Net Bristle Coir Twine Net 2" x 2" Openings
Inner Core Mattress Coir
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Coir Logs have been used in a range of locations to help stabilize areas, grow vegetation or enhance the surrounding areas. In addition to these coconut fiber products, we also offer a range of other erosion control products to help with stabilization, drainage and plant vegetation. Items have included coconut coir mats, straw blankets, wattles and more. Check out our Erosion Control Products.

For more information on our coir logs or any of our additional products, please feel free to check out our Coir Erosion Control Page or our Geotextiles for Erosion Control.

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